Electric Wind God Fist

People hate on spirit tracks too much. I’m pretty sure the OST made up for any short comings it had.

I want this game for the soundtrack alone.

The answer was to just get drunker

Sometimes I really consider the idea of just dropping gaming as my hobby. It causes so much unneeded passive aggression between me and my family circle. I can’t even argue my side anymore with them because I feel like it never goes anywhere. It overshadows every other action that I have done to make me look like a functioning adult. Yet, I don’t even know how to begin to remove something from my life that’s so integral to me.

Wow I am feeling so utterly inadequate right now.

It’s probably a problem that family gatherings make me feel really inadequate.

Yo, I just really don’t want to be surrounded by hundreds of people right now.

I guess if I’m not talking to anyone all the time at a wedding. It means I am having a bad time.